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Rastaman Spiced Gin

Rastaman Spiced Gin

It all started with a love of Gin & Tonic cocktails and reggae, symbols of freedom and liberty. With great interest and passion, we filled the laboratory distillation apparatus more than 100 times in search of the ideal combinations of herbs and spices for RASTAMAN. 

Distilled in a 2000-liter copper steam boiler and built on a 5-day infusion of Armenian juniper, lime peel, grapefruit, Seville orange and lemon, angelica and coriander seeds, licorice root and iris, the produced distillate is left in a stainless steel tank for six months. 

Thanks to the use of traditional, local juniper brandy production techniques and the centuries-proven process of producing London gin, the production of RASTAMAN is unique in the world and now we proudly introduce you to RASTAMAN LONDON DRY GIN, the best gin for your G&T.

(Obaly výrobků a dostupné velikosti se mohou lišit podle jednotlivých zemí.)