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Roku Gin

Roku Gin

Roku is a premium Japanese craft gin from the world-famous distillery house Suntory in Osaka. 

Made from botanicals that grow only in Japan and harvested at different times of the year to preserve their freshness and character, it is created by Japanese craftsmen with careful attention to every detail, it offers a perfect balance of taste. 

The year in Japanese means six, which is why the basis for this bottle is six distinctly Japanese ingredients: in spring the leaves and flowers of sakura, in summer the tea leaves sencha and gyokuro, in autumn Japanese pepper Sansho and in winter yuzu.

Presented in a unique hexagon-shaped bottle design with beautiful engravings representing the best of Japanese craftsmanship, Roku offers traces of ginkgo, juniper, orange peel, cinnamon or coriander.

We distribute this brand under an agreement with Beam Suntory.

(Obaly výrobků a dostupné velikosti se mohou lišit podle jednotlivých zemí.)